Olive Oil
Valle Triona
Fattoria di Cinciano
This rare extra virgin olive oil derives from an accurate and
early milling of Nocellara and Biancolilla olives. It gives to the
oil a yellow color with gold reflection, a medium fruity flavor
of green olives and its natural fragrancy and freshness.

It is also approciated for its charecteristic delicately spicy
flavors and low acidity and it is recommended for raw dishes,
sauces, and grilled fish and meat. This olive oil is made and
bottled in Italy
The olive grove covers an expanse of 50 hectares and contains 12,000 trees of the Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino varieties. The olives are picked by hand and crushed daily at the farm. The oil produced is subject to the strict regulations of the Consorzio Olio Extravergine di Olive delle Terre del Chianti Classico (Consortium for Extra Virgine Olive Oil from the Chianti Classico Territories). In addition to maintaining the highest standards and quality, rules require that all the stages of production, extraction, and packaging take place within the designated “Chianti Classico” area, from which the certificate Denominazione di origine protetta (Protected Designation of Origin) gets its name.
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Olive Oil