About Us

Atlantic Coast Bonded Sales and Distribution, Inc. was founded in 1993 as a Duty Free sales and Ship Chandler company, operating from a Foreign Trade Zone Bonded facility at Port Canaveral, Florida. Initially, Atlantic Coast operated Duty Free stores in cruise ship terminals at the Port and later expanded into a Ship Chandler providing "bonded goods" to Cruise Line and Merchant ships calling at Port Canaveral. These bonded goods include wine, spirits, beer, tobacco products, soft drinks, etc. The principal owner and President of the company is Jim Galluzzi.

In 1998, Mr. Galluzzi combined the resources of Atlantic Coast with another company he owned, The Foreign Trade Zone Group, Inc. to form Vintage Selections. The combination of resources allowed for expansion into the importing and wholesale distribution of premium wines. The Customs bonded facility at Port Canaveral provided warehousing and logistics support for the importation and distribution of all the wines. This venture has thus far proven to be a prosperous and successful operation.

Vintage Selections is currently licensed and functioning as a direct importer and distributer of fine wines within the state of Florida. The company uses an internal sales force to offer wines to restaraunts, wine shops, country clubs and specialty stores throughout Florida. The company currently imports and distributes more than 300 wines from Italy, France, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Spain, South Africa, and California. Producers include: Ca Bruzzo, Castello di Neive, Casale Marchese, Cocito Dario, Colle Duga, De Faveri Spumanti, Fattoria di Cinciano, Luciani, Masciarelli, Palazzo, Rivetto, Salvalai, Tenuta Mazzolino, Tiberini, and Vantini. California producers include: Sonoma Coast Vineyards, Campion, Crinella, Graziano Family of Wines, Nord Estate, Oak Vineyard, and Stephen Vincent. From Germany there is Josef Freiderich; from Hungary there is Citadella and Egri Bikaver; from Romania - Romvin Import Company and from South Africa - Beau Joubert.
The Company's marketing strategy is to develop a strong presence and acceptance for the brands and to develop a niche market and demand for these "upscale" and high quality wines. The goal of Vintage Selections is to represent the very best wines from each region and each producer. The company believes that it represents some of the finest producers and wines currently being imported.
Mr. Galluzzi's heritage, background, commercial savvy, and interest in wines makes Vintage Selections a natural offshoot to his business ventures. "The traditional ways, foods, including wine, were carried forward from Italy to the all Italian neighborhood where I grew up in Connecticut. My grandfather and father supervised the family wine making, generating my keen interest in the wine business." He travels to Italy each year to visit both family and to search out small vineyards producing exceptional quality wine. Many of the wines imported are exclusive to Vintage Selections including the Company's highly rated, private label Brunello di Montalcino, "Villa Jonina."